Jon Casey & Kevin Cimo , Co-founders

We were first partnered together at Hill Holliday in 2013. Both art directors by trade, we were an unlikely team. The standard in advertising being partnerships between art directors and copywriters, we were only meant to be paired temporarily due to a staffing shortage. So it came as a surprise to leadership at Hill Holliday when our work rose to the top of a dozen senior teams and moved into a multimillion dollar production. That was our first project together. When the next brief was given to the highest ranking teams in our creative department, again, our work was selected and moved forward into production. Two for two could be luck, or it could be a partnership that just works.

With career paths including everything from fine art to web development to journalism, our combined experience makes for a unique skill set that is rare in our industry. From the beginning, we’ve been everything but typical partners, which is why we believe we consistently deliver anything but typical creative. Having worked at some of the top advertising agencies in the country, big and small, we’ve observed what works and what doesn’t. We founded Fair Folk on what we’ve found works. 


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