HUBweek is a Boston-based, week long festival for the future that celebrates innovation at the intersections of art, science, and technology. Founded by The Boston Globe, MIT, Harvard University, and Mass. General Hospital, we had the unique opportunity to work collaboratively with the HUBweek team to create a updated and unified visual system for their brand. This manifested in a brand guidelines and tool kit that was distributed to all HUBweek partners to create unified communications and visual language across all touch-points. We also had the opportunity to shoot and document HUBweek 2016 creating multiple video assets including recaps and a brand video. 





HUBweek Brand Guidelines Cover
HUBweek Brand Guidelines
HUBweek Brand Guidelines Tone
HUBweek Brand Guidelines Logo
HUBweek Brand Guidelines Logo
HUBweek Brand Guidelines Color
HUBweek Brand Guidelines Founders
HUBweek Brand Guidelines Imagery


It’s said that the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can set off a tornado in Texas. Whether that’s true or not, we firmly believe in it’s philosophy - a small act can have enormous impact. This is why we created HUBweek.

Living in a world that’s changing faster than we can keep up with, creating large-scale impact is becoming increasingly valuable and necessary. While our dynamic world brings constant ever-changing challenges, it also brings new, ever-changing opportunities. Here in Boston, opportunities are continually created from being a hub of world-leading innovation across education, technology, healthcare, science, and art. Because of it’s unique position, Boston has long-been home to developments that shape our future. In an effort to not only share the innovation that is happening here now, but to also accelerate it’s impact, HUBweek was created. 

The HUBweek experience is a collection of talks, roundtables, interactive demonstrations, and immersive exhibits focused on innovation and driven by collaboration. By curating today’s most innovative advancements, ideas, and missions from Boston and beyond, HUBweek is a giant petri dish for the growth of today’s innovations into tomorrow’s opportunities. 

We invite doers and dreamers from across the globe, from all backgrounds and curiosities, to come together to learn, share, and collaborate with the hope of making a real, tangible impact on our future. And with a roster that includes some of the world’s greatest institutions and thought leaders, we’d like to think that the impact of HUBweek can be a bit larger than the flap of a butterfly’s wings.


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