What started as a project to design Charles River Apparel’s 2017 catalogue turned into a full brand re-fresh. While CRA felt confident in their identity, they had trouble communicating and expressing its essence. Working alongside CRA, we explored the brand’s roots from its people to its products. From our exploration, we created a brand manifesto that we used as a guide in defining a new voice and visual aesthetic for the brand.



It all started with a rain jacket in 1983 - not just any rain jacket, but one we believed in from its purpose to its performance. A rain jacket so inspired by our New England roots it later became known as “The New Englander.” You see, for people like us who call New England home, the weather isn’t something we just get through, it’s a way of life - it’s something we embrace, own, and grow to love. We love the way it strengthens our spirits, teaches us to roll with the punches, and encourages us to appreciate the beauty in nature’s variety and uncertainty. If anything, the weather here has taught us one valuable lesson: you never know what the day has in store. Every day we bravely go out into the world and are faced with the unknown, and so every minute of every day is its own adventure.

While there’s excitement in these spontaneous everyday adventures, it’s being prepared for the unplanned that allows us to make the most of every moment. For over 30 years, we at Charles River Apparel have expanded beyond that first rain jacket, fine-tuning our collection to equip and prepare you for your own everyday adventures. Our balance of stylish lifestyle designs and high-quality, reliable materials keeps you ready for whatever the day throws your way.


Photography Partner: Leonard Greco