THe boston bruins: bear sculpture

The Warrior Ice Arena was built by Warrior and New Balance as the new practice facility for the Boston Bruins. In designing the interior of the building, they built a large display area in the lobby… The three brands came to us with the challenge of what to do with the space. They wanted it to be something eye-catching and they wanted it to represent the partnership of Warrior, New Balance, and the Bruins. We landed on a literal representation of the three brands coming together - a life-sized sculpture of the Bruins bear logo using New Balance, Warrior, and Bruins items. The items are a mix of current and historical pieces from the three brands. Once the bear sculpture was finished, we created a website experience where people can interact with the sculpture's items and learn more about each piece. Simply clicking/tapping on an item pulls up relevant information, videos, photos, and if applicable, an option to buy the item. 





The bear sculpture was built by our creative partner The Individuals Collective.
The digital experience was built by our creative partner Fresh.